Senior Attorneys Take on Pro Bono

As senior attorneys transition from billable work and wish to remain engaged and relevant in challenging and valuable projects, pro bono is the perfect fit.

“Few endeavors are better suited to the unique skills of senior lawyers than pro bono legal work on behalf of persons of limited economic means. Across the nation, lawyers whose careers have ranged from solo to large firm practice, from corporate to government work, and from the judiciary to the academic world are contributing their talents to the provision of legal services to low income and older persons in their communities,” ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono & Public Service.

Firms recognize the value of senior lawyers who take on pro bono cases as a way to harness that talent by remaining active in the firm. The opportunity for these senior lawyers to engage young, newly licensed lawyers as well as helping an indigent client becomes a very attractive formula for retention and meeting their commitment as a responsible community partner. Many firms will support their programs by continuing to provide office space, support staff and other ancillary expenses.

“As the retirement age lowers in the legal profession and elsewhere at the same time that life expectancy is increasing, the number of retired lawyers is growing rapidly. Some wish to enjoy their retirement years away from the law, travelling or playing golf or tennis. Others may pursue a second and very different career or concentrate upon hobbies that they never had enough time to pursue. But many retired lawyers are not only able but eager to devote the skills and experience they gained as lawyers to addressing our society’s many pressing legal needs,” New York City Bar Association.


American Bar Association

Pro Bono Institute