Coaching for Attorneys

Jane’s Coaching Commitment

Istrongly suggest that you commit to the coaching process for a period of three months. The results of coaching are not immediate.  Three months will be essential for us to establish a strong foundation for your professional success.

We begin with an initial consultation, usually two to three hours.  This is the most important session of the program.  We will discuss your goals and objectives, and then map out strategies with an action plan to reach them.

Next, we have two scheduled telephone conversations per month.  They will each be about one hour, with unlimited emails and brief telephone calls in between the telephone sessions.

At the end of the three-month period, you will have a customized, strategic marketing plan to guide your long-term business development efforts.

The three-month program has a flat fee.  No written contract is required, so if coaching is not working for you, you can stop at the end of any month.

At the end of the initial three-month coaching period, we will discuss your progress and consider your options to continue.  You may wish to continue for another three-month period, continue for another 30 days, or simply work on a specific project at an hourly rate.

Oftentimes firms will encourage and support their attorney’s commitment to a coaching program by subsidizing the coaching fee, frequently by paying half,  thereby creating a personal investment on the part of the attorney, a/k/a some ‘skin in the game’.